Put the banks
to work for you

We built a technological layer where you can view and analyze the financial data of your clients in a safe, quick and easy way.

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Working to connect banks with the world

We built a platform that adds layers of value above the banks.

An end-to-end ecosystem that allows you to access your client's financial data. We offer a 360º vision of financial data that includes accounts, investments, loans and a wide range of products more. Always quickly, easily and safely.

Currently, we have developed a powerful data engine that allows us to offer one of the most robust banking connections of the market. We are available to connect with any bank in the world.

The easiest way to automate your finances

Our final goal is to make available to any company the tools it needs to offer end users new services that are enabled by the European regulation PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2).

Developers Working for Developers

Our product is born from developers for developers. We know that technical problems involved connecting with such critical entities as banks, we facilitate it to the maximum expression always using our more technical prespective.

All the necessary services in one place

We create a whole ecosystem of services that do not simply facilitate banking connection but enrich and facilitate the connection with these entities.

Our support is always available for you

We put at your disposal at any time the possibility of being able to contact our team to solve in real time all the doubts that arise in the day to day. We surround the technical teams with the best technology in the market.

How you can make the most of financial data

Data Aggregation

Flanks aggregates all of your financial information in one place through automated feeds and our easy-to-use application.

Branded Client Portal

Deliver a firm-branded destination for your clients to get their up-to-date views and reports and all investment-related documents in one place.

Customisable Reporting

Simple to use, elegant reporting solutions enabling you to address your client’s unique needs and create dynamic reports in real time.

API & Integrations

Our API gives clients and partners a programmatic solution for weaving data from the Flanks platform into other products and systems.

A single platform opens
a world of possibilities

Our Financial Data Aggregation API is the perfect B2B SaaS solution
for any kind of startups and companies in the Fintech industry.

With Flanks you can create an advanced recommendation system based on financial aggregation. In addition, you can understand what insurance brands the client is currently working on and offer changes that can provide an effective solution to their needs.
Wealth tech
Analyze all the patrimony of your clients to be able to offer them a better-detailed vision of their financial health. If you operate with their financial assets, you can also prove your profitability by making aggregate financial reports on all their financial assets and liabilities.
Monitor all of your clients' portfolios on the same platform and get ready for all the necessary movements to boost their financial assets. Besides, you can offer a personalized report to demonstrate their performance.
Microcredits scoring
Make sure a customer meets your financial requirements by adding all their financial information. In addition, with the client's financial information, you can understand which segment they belong in order to adjust to their needs.
Unify all the financial assets of your clients in your banking platform. With Flanks you can analyze the entire financial situation of your customers and recommend them the best financial assets based on the total assets.
Financial advisors
Manage your clients' portfolios from the same site. Offering a complete report that brings exclusivity and clarity to the client. With Flanks you can give your customers a 360 view of their financial status in real-time.

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